Idiot Girl Stands Up For 2nd Amendment

Christine Brashier, a 24 year old student at Allegheny Community College in Western Pennsylvania  recently won a battle against the college. A battle involving guns, pamphlets and the Constitution. This smells like The Revolutionary War Part II.

Here’s the basic story. This student wants to start a student group called “Students for Concealed Carry on Campus”. She was handing out some pamphlets on campus and was told she couldn’t. She then got FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) which is an ironically named version of the ACLU for students to go after the college. She ended up winning, and is now apparently handing out information for this policy and holding meetings, bake sales and whatever other pleasantries the “Students for Concealed Carry on Campus” hold. I have no problem with the freedom of speech issue. Whatever. If she wants to be a dumbass and hand out pro-nuclear war matter, than fine. That’s obviously not the issue here.

Is she being a dumbass or is she a patriot?

If you read FIRE’s analysis of the issue, she is a patriot. It’s also rabidly biased, but whatever. Then again, I’m sure Matthew Gwaltney’s parents would have a very different opinion on the matter.  This is what I think:

The 2nd amendment was written for a few reasons. 1) so that you can protect yourself. 2) to have something to fight a tyrannical government with in that very unfortunate event 3) our American heritage/culture demands that we can own anything we want (although often this principle isn’t followed through); liberty is the name of the game. I agree with all of these reasons and I have no problem with the second amendment. I love it.

OK, no problems with the 2nd Amendment. College students are almost always over 18. Adults are considered 18. Allegheny Community College is publicly funded. Logically, all the evidence points to a resounding “Yes!”. But, what about teachers in public elementary schools? They’re over 18, and what if they need to protect their students from a dangerous stranger? Or maybe the school is in a bad part of school and practice isn’t out until late! Of course that’s ridiculous. No one is advocating carrying concealed weapons into publicly funded elementary schools and this is really no different.

The Students for Concealed Carry On Campus mention that guns can save lives in the event of a school shooting.  School shootings are not the issue here. No one is going to go on a shooting spree because the college now lets you carry a gun. That’s ridiculous. It’s not even any easier to go on such a spree. “Good thing the state upheld the 2nd amendment so stringently. I don’t know what I would have did had I not been allowed in the building with this gun. What was I going to do, shoot my way in?!?”

The bottom line is that college individuals are at an age and in an environment that is really not that conducive to having a lot of guns about. Drugs, alcohol, hormones, etc. Yes, they are adults, but that is also a college. Where learning needs to take place. There is no need to introduce yet another variable to the situation. It is going to end up killing more students than are saved from the safety of concealed weapons.

Is it legal for me to have dynamite? Yes. Is it legal for me to be in the Capitol? Yes. Is it legal for me to have dynamite in the Capitol? Well, I don’t know for sure, but I bet they wouldn’t be too happy. Same deal here. Students are at school to learn. Public safety is there to keep them safe. Everyone just do their jobs please. Maybe Christine and her friends should be concerned with improving campus security. Students for Improved Campus Security? Yea!
From Christine:

“I genuinely wanted to start discussion on the topic,” Brasier told FOXNews.com this week[June 4th]. ” I am not such an avid gun owner as much of the news has made me out to be – I simply believe in liberty and that college is the place for a debate about important issues such as this one.”

Christine Brashier…stop. Please stop. What you’re doing isn’t helping. If you want to help the situation, why don’t you volunteer for mental health awareness? Or to improve the neighborhood (and decease crime)? Befriend someone that doesn’t have friends. What you’re doing is insulting. You don’t even like guns, this isn’t an important topic. It’s a debate you’ll never win. Save the whales or something. You believe in liberty? Me too. I also believe in logic and I think our founding fathers did too. Please, just stop.

What a silly little girl

What a silly little girl


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