Simple Thoughts on Baseball

There is so much to discuss!

First things first. Lets put all that non-important whatnot aside for now. Tomorrow is a triumphant return to the World Series for the New York Yankees. To preface you non-baseball enthusiasts, this is the first time we’ve shown up since 2003. That’s 6 years/forever. The Yankees have won 40 Pennants in the 108 season long history. That’s one every 2.7 years. No, it’s not the longest the Bombers have gone, not even close, but after 108 years of dominating (and since they didn‘t win the first one until 1921, you could say 88 years), 6 years is, in the words of The Sandlot’s “Squints’; “For-ev-er”. That being said, I don’t want to hear any more garbage about the Yankees being some evil ultra rich empire. The Mets have the same city, with a massive budget and they barely made it out the starting gate this year. The Red Sox have had talent up and down their teams for decades as well as an large fan base (which I’ll attribute to the amount of universities in the area) and they have 12 AL Championship wins (only 6 since the “cursed” year…1918). So, maybe it’s possible God is a Yankee fan, maybe the Yankees know how to manage a ball team effectively, or who knows and who cares. The Yankees aren’t going to ruin baseball, so just shut up. They’re not going to ruin baseball, they’ve been doing this since the formal end of American involvement in WW1. Maybe it’s jealousy. That’s OK. We’ll keep setting the bar for other teams. Someone has to do it. Everyone take notes…this is how you run a baseball team.

So what do we have for tomorrow’s game? I dunno, lol. Looks tough. It’s certainly going to be a pitching battle. CC versus his teammate from a year and a half ago. Both are recent Cy Young winners. Both are clearly having great post-seasons (undefeated, some <1.5 ERA action and a little ALCS MVP award too…). That’s going to be a battle, nothing really to say there, we’ll just have to see what happens, not to downplay it at all. I guess we just have to hope Girardi doesn’t pull Sabbathia out of a perfect game in the 4th.  Sabbathia and Rivera without the erratic coaching decisions would would great but not expected.

The batting is where we need to make some headway. Swisher…anyone home? Teixeira, we are the Yankees, thank you for everything so far but we don’t pay you to make it to the post season (see first paragraph. That is part of the fucking contract), we pay you to produce in the World Series. Please do that. Damon, you fucking Red Sox fuck. Just kidding. You’re alright, but it would be great if you could be a hero…please. That goes for you too Mr. Matsui. You fellas gotta step up. They have 5 guys hitting above .280 and we have 3.

That being said, I don’t want to get worried. Does Anyone Know Where I Live?These are post season numbers. Regular season, we are the superior team when it comes to swinging the bat. We have a dynamite line-up, that when put head to head to the Phillies is a no-comparison. Utley is great, but not when compared to a normal acting Tex.

Whatever, let’s win this series in 4, my body can’t handle many more 8pm weekday post season games and the associated alcohol. Besides, the boss is going to be watching and no one likes to see a disappointed old man. No one.


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