Some Additional Thoughts


Awesome wikipedia picture today: Uppsala Cathedral in Sweden. This is the seat of the Church of Sweden. She is quite pretty.

That baseball post took about 3 times longer than I had hoped it would, mainly because I deleted it by accident and WordPerfect isn’t perfect enough to auto-save. Fuck you very much Microsoft. Anyway, here’s some random ideas I’ve had recently that I want to share. I think too many people hoard their good ideas in hopes of one day making a million dollars whatever stupid thing they come up with. Whatever. I’m lazy. Here’s some stuff that I want done. It will improve  my life, and yours. It’d be like having a genie. “I want this to happen!” and it would be true. So steal my ideas.

– “Lunatics” should be included in more jokes, like in “rabbi, priest and …” jokes. Or maybe a “how can you tell the difference between a lunatic and a …”It’s a funny word. The problem is if someone gets offended, they’re the wrong person you want to offend.

-Bartender song. Does anyone know any good songs about a bartender? I want to write a song about celebrating the bartender. Always there to listen. Always there to pour another. What a guy. A good bartender is better than anything. They’re friends you like so much that you pay to drink with them. Cheers to you bartender.

-Ipod/iphone projector. This has to be in the works, right? Please let me know what the deal is. If I could use my iphone to project a 12 inch screen to show video, my life would be complete. Where’s the app for that iphone? WTF! Also, wtf is with this auto-highlighting underneath the “iphone”. Anyone know why that happened or how I get rid of it?

I have some more thoughts, but those are the only bar napkins with notes on them I can find right now. Stay tuned for more.

Quickly, being a fairly political person, I’m going to make my next post on either Bloomberg (win this one Mike!), why I’m a republican (this one might scare some people), or the downfall of states rights. Any thoughts? Any other topics that are pressing that need addressing?




2 Responses to “Some Additional Thoughts”

  1. November 8, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    Bartender song..

    Goto: http://jukebox.stubbornrecords.com/

    Select the STU-1000 – Avenue A 10″ EP

    Choose the song, Hey Bartender..

    Eat your veggies! (this includes weeds of all kind).


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