What’s Happenin’ Today

So last night, the Yankees won a great game and the World Series. Epic moments were everywhere. I spent the evening at the Pourhouse on 3rd Ave.  watching the game with some friends. We then proceeded to lead a motley crue to Union Sq destroying whatever got in our path (including a spare tire which was returned back to the street). Union Sq. was fairly quiet until we arrived. Once our rowdy group showed up, the larger, quieter group decided to stop west-bound traffic on 14th street. In comparison, Times Sq. was about as rowdy as an GMAT prep class.

On that note, here‘s a video (under 4 minutes) detailing all 27 World Series wins.

In other baseball news, 2008 NL Cy Young Award winner, Tim Lincecum was pulled over in his home state of Washington for having some weed. Oh, fucking no. Boo, fucking hoo. I just hope no one makes a big deal out of this. It better not be a Michael Phelps deal. I just learned this yesterday, but it seemed that  a no-hitter thrown by Dock Ellis in the 70s was done on acid. Woah! The deal is, who the hell cares. It’s fucking pot, not crack cocaine. It’s not even as harmful as booze for god’s sake. Also, he’s a pitcher in baseball, which is a game. He is not a senator, he plays a GAME for a living. So if he wants to smoke weed, and can still excel at this particular sport, then whatever.

Goodbye Kitty

Goodbye (or Terminator) Kitty

In other news, it looks like Paul Harris is headed to Maine! Devendorf, who is also trying? to get into the NBDL isn’t going to be drafted. I dunno what that kid is thinking, but he’s going to end up playing for the Stockholm Stockings if he’s not careful. He should maybe take this situation a little more seriously.

I haven’t had Indian food in over 2 years. I hate Indian food, but everyone keeps telling me how good it is and that I’ll change my mind. I was going to go here, but if anyone has any recommendations, I would be happy to investigate. I require it to be fairly inexpensive, close (below 23rd street), and tasty.


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