Prioritizing Priorities

It’s time for The United States to get its act together. I’m sick of hearing about how health care reform is going to save this nation. It won’t because it’ll never get through Congress because it’s too controversial. You want health care? Then try passing it on a state level first.   I really could care less what happens in Oregon. I don’t understand why this is being done at a national level. Or move to Canada. I don’t give a shit, just stop wasting my time.

Why is it controversial? Because its INSURANCE. Yes, it is expensive to stay healthy, but people aren’t supposed to live on a diet of bio-engineered cows and Fritos and then die at 85.  We expect to do whatever the hell we want and then expect the government to pay for it. “Insurance” is something responsible people buy, it is not a necessity. This is where the health industry is going wrong. We don’t need to collectively pay for a better system, we just need to be more responsible. We need to stop buying so many pills to eat everyday, we need to spend more time outdoors exercising which is what nature has, for millions of years, engineered us to do. I’m sick of paying for other people’s choices. Maybe going to the doctor’s office to get medical attention wouldn’t be so expensive if it wasn’t clogged full of over-weight smokers.


Look at the Mustache on Her! Are you going to pay the doctor/lumberjack's fee for its removal?

“Insurance” and “Company”. Two words; neither of which are implying that it must be fair and given to everyone. I have a good deal to say about health insurance, but that’s not the point of this post. It’s to show how out of wack of priorities are.

And so this takes me to part two of this rant. Our country is faced with several glaring problems simultaneously. An economic recession that seems to loom over us. I keep hearing that the recession is almost over. What are these people talking about? The only thing keeping this country going right now is that trillion dollar injection that is about to run out. We need to produce something; a new industry, and East Asia stole our IT one that we had going for half a second and now India is scooping up our service industry. That’s problem one. Problem 2 is that whole mideast/terrorism/Iraq/Afghanistan deal. Yikes. They hate us, we’re funneling money in there to do something?, we’re trying not to hate them, more money funnels away, we’re locked in because they got our drug, etc. Problem 3 is a long-term, more detrimental issue. The other two will doom our Western society, this one could kill everyone. Environmental issues, global warming, etc. I’m not a hippie. I don’t care about saving the elephants because Earth’s elephant population number do not affect my health. As long as there is a living elephant at the Bronx Zoo, I am reaping the maximum benefits from the elephant’s existence. I am not going to die from a lack of elephants, but I will die from an overaboundance of carbon in the atmosphere.

Solar Spain

Check out these bad boys. They power the city of Seville. We're getting a few here too : http://cleantechnica.com/2009/11/03/united-technologies-rocket-scientists-to-build-150-mw-solar-heliostat-in-sonoran-desert/

Three bad problems, one solution. Alternative energy. Apparently the government has trillions of dollars to spend on bailing out banks (that’ll be covered in another rant), wars, health care, and who knows what else. Here is a huge industry that can put us back on the map and we’re bailing out automakers who spent the last 30 years making oil lamps with wheels. Doing a hell of a job GM,

here’s a couple billion. There’s so much amazing technology being developed, but it takes a lot of money to implement it and a lot of people.A lot of jobs in high tech areas. We should have thousands of people installing re-charging stations along our highways, and people working at Ford figuring out ways to produce every car with more than 50 mpg.  People painting the tops of buildings white to cut down on cooling costs, and so on.

This isn’t just a rant though. Its a call to action. We really can’t just sit by and say, “ah let the hippies take care of it.” because then we’re going to lose. This isn’t a republican, democrat, conservative, liberal, gay, black, whatever thing. This is something that is of crucial national interest and we’re going to be screwed if we don’t start taking this seriously. I’m not saying donate money or anything. If you can, awesome. Invest in a clean company (Consert is a great company, they’re working on a smart power grid with IBM). Volunteer to clean something up. Switch to clean energy through your local utility company, write your congressman, protest, or just read an article about the importance of energy efficiency and discuss it with someone. cleantechnica.com is a great blog about alternative technology. Get people thinking about something that has importance, not American Idol.

We’re always asking why our country isn’t doing more for us, when we do nothing for it. -improvised John Kennedy line.


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