Syracuse Basketball, Tony Blair, Updates on My Life, and some Photos

First, what’s new with me? Well as most of you know, I have claimed my part in history and have been part of the great recession of the “double-zeros”. I’m unemployed and looking for the reset button. Somehow, this doesn’t seem that bad though. I’ve got a job interview on Monday that I’m really excited about at the British Department of Tourism (I’d be the E-Commerce Exec) and I think I aced an interview last week that I’ll be hearing about on Monday or Tuesday. So things aren’t too bad. Unfortunately, my 5th Avenue housing situation is about to end in 2 weeks. I have to find a new place to live, but one thing at a time. Job search is the priority.

I’m also doing some web consulting for this site, which I expect to be something pretty decent in another month. It needs some work, but I need some hours, so that works out.

OK, so that’s the situation on me. On Thursday Syracuse Basketball destroyed another ranked team; the much over-hyped Florida Gators (I smelled that weeks ago).

Old Lady Hates Florida

She's Probably Referring to Actual Gators, But Whatever

Jackson, Johnson and Rautins all had amazing games and Billy Donovan thinks we’re now a national championship team. Next couple games are easy wins, and we really don’t see anything challenging until Memphis on Jan. 6 (they lost to #1 Texas by 2 points…). However, we’re beating ranked teams by an average of 16.667 points, so I’m feeling pretty confident.

Tony Blair said he would have pushed for the invasion of Iraq even if there was no WMD evidence. Well, first, there weren’t/aren’t any WMDs. So I don’t know what evidence you based your decision on. Second, you would have invaded Iraq based on the fact that Hussein is a bad dude? What about Kim Jong il? He’s a pretty bad guy. Choose your African dictator. What about Darfur? Nothing like a 6 year old humanitarian crisis. Tony, if you’re going to be a renegade, and tell “the truth” then tell the truth. Let’s hear about oil interests. There was actually an auction of oil fields this week…but I’m sure oil did not play a major role in your decision. We all know the situation and it’d be great if we can get some details. You’re not telling us anything new. There weren’t WMDs, so obviously you would have invaded regardless of that sitaution. Tell us something new!!!

Now some cool pictures, compliments of www.nunesmagician.com, Wired, The WSJ, The NYTimes and Flikr.

Volcano From Space

This Picture Was Taken From The International Space Station!

I named This One "Rainbow Lightning". Which is Also My Name On Tuesdays.


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