10 Things That Need To Change In 2010

1) The use of the word “terrorist”. Wow, could there be a less descriptive word (“enemy” maybe? “bad guys”?). Let’s call these guys what they are. They are members of Al Queda, or Hezbollah or whatever. This assclown on that Detroit flight is not a terrorist regardless of how many media sources say it.  He didn’t instigate any terror. He tried to, but didn’t. The media has labeled him a terrorist so that we can blindly apply that label to anyone. One day Al Qaeda won’t be around, but there will be some other radical Islamic group that is not related but we’ll be able to call them “terrorists” and they’ll seem connected to 9/11 so we can fight ’em!

You know who else instigates terror in millions of people around the world? The United States, and we do it with drone attacks. Let’s knock this “Terrorist” shit off and get specific.

2)  The Republican Party having Christian values as the basis for the party. Jesus would have been a pacifist liberal if he were alive today.  He would have wanted to share the wealth regardless of what Adam Smith says. The Republican Party shouldn’t base its platform on abortion, same-sex marriage or whatever they choose. They should be for states’ rights, limited taxes and small federal government. Leave the social issues up to the states.

3) Along the same lines, Sarah Palin still getting attention. Expose Palin with some even harder hitting Katie Couric questions and send her away for good. Hey Sarah, you’re for strong families? What’s the deal with Bristol and that Playgirl model of hers? You’d make a good VP but you just quit your governorship? Smells like a flip-flopper. What’s your plan? Why should we pay attention to you? Palin…..go back to American Canada.

USS Badass Ship


4) Our space program. What’s the deal?? You want a new industry to stimulate the economy? Space. Lets go to outer space. Put a ton of money into science and math education. Put a ton of money into NASA. Hand out tax breaks to private companies who are going into space like smarties candy on halloween. I can’t stand people who say “it shouldn’t be a priority right now. there are too many other problems”. There have always been a lot of problems and there always will be.

We have to expand our space program sometime, and it would create a huge boost in our domestic economy (since it takes a lot of money to start, which most countries don’t have. its like starting an airline).  Maybe we’ll even invent some more cool stuff like Tang, Memory Form, and smoke detectors! To Infinity And Beyond!

5) The fake/lack of interest in alternative energy. The problem with this economy in the long run is that we don’t make anything. We tried to run a service oriented economy for a while and then just outsourced that all to India. We need to make a product to export. We can’t make cheap stuff, because Asia can make it cheaper. We have to make stuff in a new industry where we can dominate the research aspect. Space travel is a great idea, but so is the renewable/efficient energy sector. We could get rid of 90% of our middle east problems, fix this global warming problem, and get back on top of the world economy. I’m talking about a massive investment. Hundreds of billions of dollars. If we have money to bail out Goldman Sachs and GM, we have money to find a new stream of revenue.

Banksy gets down with the Jews

West Bank Wall + Banksy = Awesome

6) Israel’s attitude. What’s the deal? We give you money  to do your thing for the last 60 years and you keep telling us to screw off. Stop expanding into the West Bank. WTF. Give Jerusalem back. Make it an international city again like it was supposed to be. I don’t care what happened in the late 40s. We won WWII, we wrote the terms, and keep your bank account full, then you give us the diss.  If we stop giving you money, we’ll be labeled anti-Semitic. You think you’re the chosen people? That’s messed up. The Nazis thought the same about themselves. That’s called racism.  I’m not anti-Semitic, I’m just trying to be fair here. If Israel is going to keep causing problems for us, them screw ’em. You wanna support Israel…awesome, donate to the country. Don’t donate my money though.

#7) People smoking cigarettes. I’ve smoked a cigarette or two in my day. I don’t like to do it. I esp. don’t like to do it when everyone around me constantly reminds me how bad it is for me. Well since we’re in an era where the govt tells me what I should be doing with my life, why don’t they ban cigarettes? Just ban them. No one is going to buy cigarettes on the black market to keep up a ridiculous habit, smoking them quietly in their apartments alone. Its going to suck for like 3 weeks and then we’ll all just forget, just like when it was banned from bars and restaurants.

Cronkite Badass

Cronkite Reporting From Some Real Frontlines

#8) The media’s approach to being successful. Their argument for why we should read the paper or watch the news is because they’re professional, yet when I put on the TV, I see crap. “A Cold One On Tap For Area”. That was the headline of my local newspaper. 4 pages in “Suicide Attack on Shiites Kills 30” Are you fucking serious? You’re professionals? When I turn on CNN, it should be hard hitting fucking journalism. Walter Cronkite style. Murrow style. You got an interview with a politician? Your job is to expose him/her. Make them look like a fucking idiot. Don’t kiss their ass. Grill the motherfucker. There are almost 7 billion people on this planet. Everyday, somewhere, a government is collapsing or a new major law was enacted. Let’s hear about it. Its a sad day when Jon Stewart is the best journalist in America. In the very least, I hope it doesn’t turn into a bunch of clone TMZs and Today Shows.

9) The Syracuse Orangemen to win the National Championship this April.

10) The United States government needs to dissolve the Post Office. The constitution gives Congress the right to establish a postal service (and dissolve). How can we continue to support a waste of money? Are we keeping it around for nostalgic reasons (like the British Monarchy…another waste of money…)? We all know this shit is sunk, lets kill it before it wastes any more dough. It was established to create interstate communication. With planes, highways, and the Internet, that’s not really an issue. Also, it was created to raise money. We have about a thousand more taxes than we did in 1776 and its hemorrhaging money. If we’re really concerned about making money, then put a tax on spam emails.


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