Adventures in Disc Golfing

After watching “The Bullfrog Open: A Disc Golf Adventure” I can honestly say that I haven’t lived life as free as these 5 gentlemen have.

The story opens with 5 young adults playing a game known as disc golf. To be honest, for the first 5 years after I heard of disc golf, I thought it was some hippie side-adventure that they did in to spite The Man. This film has proved that mentality to be completely incorrect. This sport is one of strategy, logic, and skill.

As the tale unfolds, it tells a story of 2 brothers, who with the help of a few friends, live out a dream of playing “The Augusta of Disc Golf”. This trip was 3 years in the making, as The Big Tiff (one of the brothers’ friends, aka Chris Kowalski aka Emperor Tiffer of the Coastal City) explains in the opening remarks. This is a saga of friendship and competition that took years to plan and camaraderie and competition shines through. 5 friends, from 4 different cities, gather together for one momentous championship tournament. As the Brothers Williams take us on this journey, we learn a great deal about the gameplay, gain insights to how they feel as they play this strenuous 3 days, and a little bit about the future of mankind, thanks mainly to Rob Morse (King Robert of the Mountain Lake).

First off, one cannot say enough about Dan Williams’ (Chief Daniel of the Eastern Harbor) incredible camera work. To be able to finish in the place that he did in the tournament, and still be able to catch camera shots that are NatGeo worthy is a testament to living up to his last name. Without Williams’ work, we would have no Adventure and without God, we would have no Universe.

With each participant, each gave a critical component to this film. Kowalski is no different. His stunning commentary around the campfire, and his constant underhanded commentary with others made me believe that disc golf is not a black and white game. I believe he added a sense of symbolism in his Arabic headdress and attempted turkey genocide to these ends. Life is full of deceit and hidden meaning, much like the “game” of disc golf. Without him, this film would just be another well edited YouTube video.

Mike Manzella (Grand Master Mike of the Southern Shore) summed up the main point for me, in the sense of comradarie. Here is a man, a very successful tennis player, who leaves the wonderful shores of Naples, FL to hang out with his childhood friends and to sit around campfires all day, drinking and smoking while wearing fashionable hats. I believe Manzella does mean “greatest friend” in Italian.

One cannot mention the name Christopher Williams without mentioning “disc golf”, or maybe even “film editing” after this work. As a three-time Bullfrog Open Champion, and editor of several feature photo-montages in college, he is “The Guy” you’d want to put together such a project. His commentary is akin to Socrates at the Forum or Mark Cuban on ESPN. No bullshit, and everything he says is important. In terms of the editing, well, I just submitted it for the new season of 30 for 30. As my consultant on all thing musical, I had no doubt that the soundtrack would be outstanding, but when I heard Living Colour’s Cult of Personality, I almost shit myself. What a well done job.

King Robert II, of The Mountain Lake stole the show. His flute-work is, dare I say….INCREDIBLE. At each end of the day, I was ecstatic to get a new day started with Robert and his talent. I’m not going to write anything else about his work in this film because it’d be an insult if I attempted to describe it.

In summation, I look forward to seeing more work from the Williams Brothers and all films featuring anyone or anything in this piece. Outfuckingstanding.


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