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Resurrected Jesus

Like Resurrected Jesus, this blog will at first only be noticed by doubters and prostitutes. Before it changes the world.

For the last few years I’ve decreased in the amount I’ve written and when I do, I end up keeping it private on Google Docs. I wanted to start a new blog for a couple reasons. First, I want to try and be more active in the social network universe. Hopefully I can trade ideas with people, learn some things and maybe even teach something. I started by re-activating my Twitter account and have been mainly re-tweeting things I like, but 140 characters doesn’t allow for much editorializing, so I really needed a blog to compliment it. My other reason for re-booting this blog is that I want to become a better writer. Being a good writer is such an invaluable skill, but requires a lot of practice and feedback, so a public blog is really a great option.ed deleting this blog but after spending 10 minutes trying to come up with a catchy name for the new blog, I got frustrated and tricked myself into continuing with this one “in order to see my writing progress”.

In the past this blog has been a mishmash of random stuff and I expect it to stay much like that. Some short stories, sports commentary, random pictures I like, but mainly political stuff, and probably a lot of foreign policy commentary. Really, there are two very different issues that I feel like exploring; the US military’s evolving mission and how it’s structure meets or doesn’t meet that and voting reform. The first will involve a lot of side topics like weapon technology and foreign policy. The second will hopefully cover several aspects of voting reform from voter IDs to our first-past-the-post system.

Really, I’ve grown to believe that the media is in such a sad state, that I’ve also learned to really appreciate and respect journalists and media outlets that do an awesome job. Good journalists have become my heroes and I’d like to help combat the re-re-re-posts of whatever idiotic FOXNews clip that gets posted on Facebook by posting and writing about some really well written stuff. Hopefully, together, we can kill cable news.


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